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The Healing Power of Vinegar

The Healing Power of Vinegar
Picked up from Bee Line Therapia and Repertory by Dr. Stacy Jones

• Bleeding wound, Bleeding lung, or nose.
Inhale the fumes of boiling vinegar – nothing better.
• Black specks in the skin of the face, Ring-worm and Warts,
Wash the face with vinegar, full strength on going to bed,
• Diseased gums, foul, spongy.
Use dilute vinegar as a mouth wash.
• Birth mark.
Soak cotton in strong vinegar, and apply under compress – It peels off.
• Ulcer.
Vinegar, 10 per cent solution in water, use as a lavement, three times a day.
• Burn or scald.
Apply vinegar, full strength, until pain abates.
• Corns,
Bind on bread crumbs or cotton, soaked in vinegar, nightly.
• Hemorrhage from the womb.
A sponge or cloth saturated with vinegar dilute, convey into the womb, and retain it there a few seconds, Give also gill doses of vinegar – Nothing better.
• Mad dog bite.
Lave wound with hot vinegar, and wipe dry; then pour into it several drops of Nitric acid – This will prevent rabies.
• Nose bleed.
Plug nostrils with cotton saturated with dilute vinegar.
• Nasal polypus.
Inject 5 drops of Acetic acid into it.
• Milk Crust.
Cut off the hair closely, wash the scalp thoroughly with Castile soap, and apply twice a day pure cider vinegar diluted with water, one part to three. Use Ichthyol soap.
• Paralysis, Spinal weakness, Involuntary passage of urine or stool, Asthma, Pains of various kinds in the body.
Rub the spine thoroughly three times a day with hot vinegar; especially that point nearest the seat of ailment.
• Influenza, Coryza.
Saturate a small pledget of cotton with vinegar and insert it into one nostril loosely, and after an hour remove it; and put one in the other nostril; thus alternate and cure.
• Gonorrhoea.
Acetic acid inject: first a 1 per cent solution in lukewarm water, six or eight times a day; after a day or two increase the strength to 4 per cent. In desperate cases, shockingly neglected, or mistreated, apply hot poultices for a day or two, before beginning the Acetic acid treatment – No treatment more satisfactory.
• Chronic Gout. Enlarged joints.
Into a given quantity of hot vinegar put as much salt as it will dissolve; with this bathe the part, and dry it in by the fire, several times a day.

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