Monday, May 17, 2010

Petit Mal Seizers were seized by Artemisia Vul. and Cup. Met

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Petit Mal Seizers were seized by Artemisia Vul. and Cup. Met

Mr. Manzoor Hussain, a resident of Kahuta was dispirited in view of the illness of his 27 years old wife suffering from Petit Mal (Minor epilepsy) seizures for the last 9-10 years. This was diagnosed through EEG (Electroencephalography) carried out at PIMS, Islamabad in 2008 on the advice of a neurologist. The patient had the complaint of continuous headache and profuse menstruation. RIVOTRIL tablet twice a day is being given to her for the last 2 years. Despite taking this medicine regularly, the fits have not been controlled as yet. During these seizers, the patient is gone in a brief interruption of consciousness accompanied by jerks of the hands 4-5 times a day. As reported, the patient during the attack which happened all of a sudden stares into space and whichever is in her hand is dropped on the floor. The situation becomes very awkward when the patient is about to serve tea or soft drink and poured it down on the clothes of the visiting guest with sudden jerking of the hands. The disheartened husband pleaded to pull him out of this agony by offering a ‘good treatment’. Artemisia Vul.30 alternated by Cuprum Met-3X was dispensed for one week with the advice to continue taking RIVOTRIL as advised by the neurologist. On the next visit, much relief of headache but with the same frequency of seizers was reported. Same medicines for another week were given to the patient which showed some improvement by reducing the occurrence of the fits. On the 3rd visit, I asked the patient to take Rivotril once a day alongwith homeopathic medicines. On revisiting for the 4th time, the report was very encouraging as the attacks were further reduced to once or twice a day. As the homeopathic medicines were now successfully on their way to withhold the Petit Mal Seizers, it was therefore advised to stop taking Rivotril tablets completely and continue with the homeopathic medicines. Presently, the husband of the patient is satisfied and happy as he can now rely on her spouse to serve the guests with drinks comfortably.

Homeopathic Dr. Sultan Mahmood,
Hill View Avenue, Adyala Road,

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