Monday, February 16, 2009

Difference between 6x and 6c potency

One of the Member (Dr Sameera) at nchpk group asked a question:

What is the difference between 6x and 6c and wether they have the same action?

I have tried to answer this question here. However, you might have different opinion.

As far as the preparation process is concerned, it is bit different in tissue salt and other homeopathic remedies. For record I mention here the process which will make it clear.

The cell salts are simply triturated in 1:9 ration and 6 steps are taken accordingly to reach the 6x whereas in homeopathic remedies, it is triturated to 3x, afterward the next 3 steps are done through dilution(the potency is sprayed onto the pellets or dropped in liquid at 1:99 ratio).

As both, the 6c and 6x, are made in quite different way, there is possibility that they will work in different way. But, to me, the 6c potency is higher than the 6x potency, keeping in view the preparation. Besides, in my experience, the 6c potency works better in acute cases and 6x works better in chronic cases.

No doubt this is a debatable point and I invite your further comments on it.


Dr Sameera Nasir said...

Dr Noor

Thank you for good reponse. A very detailed response has been give by Dr Abdul Hayee Asif. I am reproducing his reply as under:

1. Difference between 6X and 6C potency.
I am not going to explain how the X potencies and C potencies are formulated. I am explaining the difference here; In general 6X is different from 6C in stinght as 6C has double stringht then 6X mathematically 6X=3C, 12X=6C, and so on.

X is developed by 1 part of substance and 9 parts of vehicle (1 : 9) and 6X is 1:9 x 1:9 x 1:9 x 1:9 x 1:9 x 1:9 = 1000000 and 3C = 1 : 99 x 1 : 99 x 1 : 99 = 1000000. So the strength of 6C potency is double then 6X.

2. Are both the same in action?
No both are not same in action as there is a THERAPEUTIC difference between the effects of a 6c and 6x potencies. we use lower potencies for acute conditions and higher potencies for chronic conditions. You must consider following points to choose the potency;

1 the susceptibility of the person
2 the seat of the disease (mind, emotion, physical)
3 the nature and intensity of the disease
4 the stage and duration of the disease
5 the previous treatments
6 the age of a person
7 the constitution and temperament of a person
8 the habits of a person
9 the pathological conditions
Dr Abdul Hayee Asif

Dr. Muhammad Noor Asi said...

Thanks Dr Sameera

I applaud the comments by Dr Asif.

Anonymous said...

Hi, guys! I have problems with potency ... I need your help! Did you have it?