Monday, October 18, 2010

Great Therapeutic Power

Thanks Mr. Causticum
You are Blessed with Great Therapeutic Power

My youngest daughter, Hasfah, aged 15 years old had a mild facial paralysis on 26th September, 2010 after having a bath with lukewarm water and immediately entering the room with wet hair where the ceiling fan was on at its full speed. After drying up her hair, my daughter remained busy in her routine work. On 27th September, my eldest daughter reported with an alarming tone that she feared Hafsah had developed some abnormality in her speech. She further reported that especially on laughing, one side of her cheek is lifted and appeared to be distorted. In order to have a minute observation of the movement of her face, I intentionally engage her to converse with me as long as possible. Then I asked my daughter as to whether she had any problem during speech. My daughter told with tears rolling down on her cheeks that words beginning with alphabets ‘B’, ‘M’ and ‘P’ were difficult for her to speak. She further explained that on gargling, the water is poured out automatically from left corner of her mouth as she could not have the control to retain it for some time. I administered Causticum-1M right away once a day for 3 successive days followed by Rhus tox-200 and Kali Chlore-30. On seeing a slight improvement, I gave a dose of Causticum-CM on 1st October, 2010 and continued for Rhus tox and Kali Chlore. After 2 days, some further improvement in speech was recorded. My daughter was depressed and impatient for her slow recovery. In the meantime, she complained about twitching of her eyes and face for which a dose of Agaricus-200 relieved her. On 4th October, 2010, another dose of Causticum-CM was repeated with Rhus tox and Kali Chlore kept on taking for another 3 days. The speech and gargling further improved and awkward look of the face on laughing was not now observable. At this point the improvement was ceased which triggered me to administer Sulphur-200 and it took three days to complete the cure. Thanks to Allah Who blessed Causticum with immense curative power.

Homeopathic Dr. Sultan Mahmood,
Hill View Avenue, Adyala Road,


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