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Homeopathic medicine during labour

Homeopathic medicine during labour

Following eight medicines are very effective as per symptoms during labour

Aconite is a remedy for shock and fear. In labour it will help if the labour is going too fast and pains are strong and frightening. Often the person who needs this remedy will have a fear that they might die. This might be completely out of proportion to the severity of the situation, i.e. there may be no real risk but the person has this feeling nonetheless.

Arnica is the most important remedy for bruising and trauma. During labour can help speed dilation of the cervix and can help prevent both haemorrhage and postpartum infection.
It can be helpful if the woman feels tired especially if there are no other indications for remedies such as Kali Phos or Gelsemium (compare further below).
Please note it can also be given to the baby in case of a traumatic birth or forceps delivery.

This remedy may be used if labour is delayed, i.e. if the cervix remains rigid and contractions are not coordinated, changing location and going into the bladder and groins. It can strengthen contractions when they are weak, of short duration or slow down to a stop.
Woman may feel trembly, chilly and weak and may also have pains in fingers and toes appear concurrently.

If this remedy seems indicated but has no effect consider Gelsemium below.
Do not use this remedy in pregnancy except under expert advice.

This remedy can be useful when the pain is centered in the lower back. Particularly with the baby in posterior position.
The woman will feel incredibly irritable with the pain. The pain will seem almost too much to endure. She may react by pushing people away, may not want to be touched or looked at and may react with anger if she has to be examined internally.
This remedy will not be useful unless there is extreme irritability.

Low back pain. Relieved by pressure/rubbing (compare Chamomilla for posterior presentation).
Chilly and aggravated by draughts.
Aggravation during the night, especially 2-4am.
Woman may be nagging and complaining.

Exhaustion with no other indications or if Arnica is not helping.
May feel unable to cope and sensitive to noise.
It can be alternated with Arnica when labour slows down and the woman herself or uterine muscles may be tired.

This remedy will be helpful if there is a failure to dilate with tiredness and weakness (compare to Kali Phos, Arnica and Caulophyllum).
The weakness often presents with very heavy eyelids and a dazed expression.
Woman may feel trembly especially from fright or anticipation.
It is a remedy for anticipatory anxiety. If entering the hospital and all the subsequent procedures causes the woman to feel very anxious and this seems to be impacting the labour i.e. decreasing or even halting previously strong contractions then Gelsemium by addressing the anxiety may help get things underway again.

The woman will feel very weepy and tearful and desperate for the company of her partner or other loved ones if she requires Pulsatilla. She will feel better with fresh air.
If the contractions are weak and the cervix is not dilating as it should Pulsatilla can be considered but only if a similar emotional state is presenting.

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