Monday, July 20, 2009

Tip of the day

Acne and Homeopathy

Acne is very common in adolescents. The eruptions are generally present on the face, neck, upper chest and upper back and are caused by inflammation of the small sebaceous glands which open into hair follicles. The glands become blocked and acne develops.

Homeopathy always treats successfully this problem if the homeopathy philosophy is followed strictly.

Below is a list of some possible homeopathic remedies which should be taken as per individual symptoms

Berberis vulgaris - Skin is very rough and is persistent with acne. Pale and earthy complexion.

Kali bromatum - Bluish-red pustules on the face, neck and shoulders, which leave unsightly scars.

Ledum palustre - Red, pimply eruptions occur on the forehead and cheeks, the area stings when touched. The person is generally sensitive to the cold.

Sulpher - This remedy suits chronic acne with rough, hard skin. The spots are itchy, red, sore and frequently become infected. Spots and surrounding skin is aggravated by washing and bathing.

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