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Homeopathic Medicines for All Practitioners/Psychiatrists

Regrettably, formal medical systems especially Allopathy have never acknowledged the wonders of homeopathy despite the fact that it is purely based on scientific principles, works gently and secretly to restore complete health without leaving any side effect. Homeopathy is not to be condemned if a patient does not find relief with the homeopathic treatment. It is in fact the mishandling of the case according to the symptoms of the patient. Dr. E. B. Nash from USA has rightly said “Homeopathy is too often blamed when the blame lies in the stupidity of the prescriber”. So a Homeopathic doctor may fail but homeopathy never fails. Regardless of criticism and sarcastic attitude against homeopathy, the doctors from other medical systems at times do approach the homeopaths for treatment but ‘behind closed doors’ as they are well aware of the side effects of medicines. It would be surprising for the allopaths that all the Gurus/Masters including the founder of homeopathy, Dr. Hahnemann were recognized allopath physicians of their time and what they have contributed for homeopathy will always be remembered in history. The significant role of allopathy in the present age can never be neglected in certain areas of treatment. However, the role of homeopathy having tremendous research on physical and mental ailments is also to be given due respect and acknowledgement. There are numerous ailments of different nature where other medical systems do not offer any decisive treatment. Listed below are a very few disorders with suggested homeopathy remedies. It is open secret for all the physicians and psychiatrists for use with full confidence to get the desired results.

Allergy from coffee and smoking --- Ignatia
Anaemia --- Calc. Phos., Natrum Mur., Ferrum Met., China, Vanadium, Trinitrotoluene
Angina Pectoris --- Arnica, Latrodectus, Cactus, Crataegus
Anus, Fissure of --- Nitric Acid, Ratanhia
Asthma --- Arsenicum Alb., Ipecac, Natrum Sulph., Antimonium Tart.
Aversion to take bath --- Sulphur
Aversion to those whom she loves best --- Sepia
Blaspheme --- Anacardium
Bites inside the inner cheeks while eating --- Ignatia
Callosities --- Antimonium Crud.
Children slow in learning to talk --- Natrum Mur.
Children slow in learning to walk --- Natrum Mur., Causticum, Calc. Phos
Craving for chalk, charcoal, uncooked rice and undigestible things --- Alumina, Cicuta
Dirty and filthy people --- Sulphur
Dreams of snakes --- Lac Caninum
Enuresis --- Nux Vomica, Belladona, Equisetum, Causticum
Eyes (Bag like swellings under the eyes) --- Apis
Eyes (Bag like swellings of the upper lid) --- Kali Carb.
Fear of being poisoned --- Lachesis, Hyosymus
Fear of death --- Aconite, Arsenicum albumb
Feat, burning of --- Sulphur
Fetus, malposition of --- Pulsatilla, Caulophyllum
Gangrene --- Arsenicum Alb., Lachesis, Echinacea
Grief, Effect of --- Ignatia, Phosphoric Acid
Heart tonic --- Crataegus
Home sickness --- Capsicum
Hysteria --- Ignatia
Inclination to uncover the body by exposing sexual organs --- Hyoscyamus
Ingrowing toe-nails --- Magnetis Polus Australis
Irritable/peevish --- Nux Vomica, Staphysagria, Chamomila, Phosphorus
Jealousy --- Lachesis, Hyoscyamus
Lascivious mania --- Hyoscyamus
Loss of flesh despite eating well --- Iodum, Natrum Mur.
Memory impaired --- Anacardium
Nasal polypus --- Teucrium, Lamina Minor, Cadmium Sulph., Calc. Phos
Night walking while asleep --- Silicea
Ozaena (Fetid smell from nose) --- Aurum Met., Asafoetida, Hippozaenium
Perspiration attracts Flies --- Caladium
Proud/Arrogant --- Plantina
Ptosis --- Causticum, Gelsemium
Renal/Bladder Calculi --- Berbaris Vulg., Cantharis, Lycopodium, Sarsparilla, Teribinthina
Restlessness --- Arsenicum Alb., Rhus tox
Salivary secretions (Excessive) --- Merc. Sol., Acid Nitricum
Sensation of a hair on tongue --- Silicea, Natrum Mur.
Shyness of children, averse to strangers, sits in the corner --- Baryta Carb
Snoring --- Opium
Stys --- Pulsatilla, Staphisagria, Belladona
Stammering speech --- Stramonium, Bovista
Suicidal mood --- Aurum Met., Arsenicum Alb.
Suspicious --- Hyoscyamus
Sweat offensive --- Silicea
Thinks as if made of glass --- Thuja
Thinks he is being pursued --- Anacardium
Tonsils --- Baryta Carb., Phytolacca, Belladona, Merc. Sol., Hepar Sulph., Silicea
Twitching of muscles --- Agaricus
Urination, urgent/irresistable desire of --- Petroselenium, Kreosotum
Urine escapes while coughing, sneezing --- Causticum, Pulsatilla
Warts --- Thuja, Nitric Acid
Weeping mood aggravated by consolation --- Natrum Mur.
Weeping mood ameliorated by consolation --- Pulsatilla

Thanks for contribution to: H/Dr. Sultan Mahmood
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