Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tip of the day

Anthrax and Homeopathy

The remedy Anthracinum was introduced into homeopathy by the veterinarian Lux, a colleague of Hering, as early as 1830. It quickly proved its worth by preventively and curing the disease in numerous outbreaks among livestock in the 19th century.
In the event of known exposure, during the incubation period, or in a high-risk situation, Anthracinum 30 should be taken three times in a 12-hour period for 2 weeks, or if need be until the emergency subsides.

For early flu-like symptoms, typhoid remedies like Bryonia or Baptisia, while in the more advanced septicemic phase the remedies include Lachesis, Arsenicum, Crotalus horridus, Secale, Carbolic. Acid., Mercurius, Sulphur, Silica, and Arsenicum iod.

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